Generator Configuration & Installation

Installing a power generator is not your run-of-the-mill DIY project. Unlike changing the oil filter in your car or tiling your kitchen backsplash, home generator installation requires licensed skills like electrical wiring, plumbing and natural gas components. Add to that a myriad of state, local and possible HOA regulations you’ll have to keep in mind, and you have a recipe for a major DIY headache. 

Let the professionals at Greenlief Energy cover all the basis and professionally install your home generator for you!  Generators are a great solution for whole home backup and well support during a power outage.  Customers have the option of the generators running on gasoline, natural gas or propane.  Greenlief Energy can create an integrated power system with solar/wind as well.

"highly recommend!"

“We have hired Chad do two projects for us and both were amazing. Chad is very personable and makes sure to get the job done right. Highly recommend!”

~Martha F., Petaluma, CA

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