Solar Equipment & Installation

Solar Configuration, Installation and Maintenance

Greenlief Energy is one of the few solar companies in the Bay area that installs both Micro-inverters and standard inverter systems.

We will look at your roof, consider the angle of each plane, factor in your energy needs are and advise on the size and type of system that may be best for you.

We can even provide solar proposals with each option!

We deal with many brands and are agnostic when it comes to prompting one brand of solar panel over the other, it comes own to what is best for you. If there is a specific type of solar panel or brand that you prefer, let us know.

We typically use a handful of panel brands that have outperformed the industry in terms of cost effectiveness, and have shown to be high productive solar panels. These panels are Made In The USA as well.

If you are considering going solar – give us a call and let us show you what we can do!

"Everything is Working Great!"

“Chad is the real deal.  He is a local owner, communicated well and did a great job.  The roof panels have a clean look and it everything is working great.  All American equipment.  He made the bid process simple and the price was right.”

~Dwight S, Petaluma, CA

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