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Batteries offer two ways to help you save electricity and deal with a power outage.  You have the option to “load shift” their battery if they want. The battery will help supply power during peak hours of the day, offsetting the high cost of electricity with a lower cost of energy.

During a power outage, the battery will back up your “critical loads” like CPAP/Oxygen, Refrigerator computer systems, and others. Let us know what breakers you want to back up.

We install all brands of batteries and will advise what we think is best for you. If you have a favorite battery, let us know.  You will also receive the 30% Investment Tax Credit if we install the system at the same time as we install the solar.

"I highly recommend him!"

“Another electrician had a package that included way more support than I wanted (choosing a generator, an electrical cord to hook it up, etc), and charged an exorbitant fee. Chad did the job quickly and without fuss for a great price, “

~J.G., Santa Rosa, CA

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