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Wind offers an additional source of power for your home. It can also work with NetMetering. It is very popular for battery backup especially in remote areas. Homeowners are combining solar and wind for a more complete solution to their energy needs.

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Wind energy is gaining popularity and sustainability. Wind turbine owners benefit as well as the environment. Wind energy has many benefits for homeowners.

Wind energy reduces energy costs for homeowners. Wind power reduces homeowners’ energy bills and power grid dependence. Installing a wind turbine is expensive, but the long-term savings can make up for it. Tax credits and other incentives may lower the cost of wind turbine installation for homeowners.

Wind energy emits no greenhouse gases and is renewable. Wind energy reduces a family’s carbon footprint. This appeals to eco-conscious homeowners who want to fight climate change.

Wind turbines offer homeowners low-maintenance power generation. Wind turbines, unlike solar panels, require little maintenance and last decades, making them a reliable energy source.

Wind turbines increase property value. Wind turbines increase property value and appeal. Wind turbines are also becoming more popular, which may appeal to eco-conscious homebuyers.

Wind energy offers homeowners many benefits. Residential wind turbines can save homeowners money, help the environment, and increase property value. They are reliable, low-maintenance, and reduce energy costs and environmental impact.

"best of all his pricing was very fair"

“I had been looking to have air conditioning installed in my house for a couple years.  Got at least three quotes that were all very expensive, with each company stating challenges with the current ducting that would require more work to fix.  Thankfully we finally called Chat at Greenlief Energy.  He was very responsive, clear with his descriptions, and best of all his pricing was very fair.  We got a quote, his team came a few days later to do the work, and that was it.  Easy peasy.  So so glad to have cool air in the house now.  I highly recommend Chad and his company.”

~Dwight S, Petaluma, CA

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